Saturday, May 9, 2009

Metamorpho by Ramona Fredon

Huge pencil sketch (this images does not do it justice--click on it to get actual size and better resolution) by Ramona Fredon. Price: $100.00

Batman sketch by Norm Breyfogle

Batman sketch by Norm Breyfogle. Price: $75.00

Captain America 258 by Gene Colan

Action page by Gene Colan. Inquire if interested.

Published Batman ad art by Norm Breyfogle

Batman art by Norm Breyfogle was used in DC house ads. Price: $200.00

Unpublished Werewolf by Night cover

By Don Perlin. Features Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night. Price: $650.

Cockrum nude

This piece was used as the basis of the cover of Septimus Orion's CD "Caged".

Interested in the original? Contact me with a trade offer.

Dave Cockrum art

Detailed, unpublished image from 1992. Both the art, and the rights to publish it, are available.

Captain America & Red Skull by Wm. Messner-Loebs

He was Wm. Francis Loebs when he did this drawing in 1977. Art is on a sturdy board and measures about 8x11. Cost: $50.00